Let’s Get Personal-IZED!

Check out all of these great color combinations! We’ll have more to choose from in April!COLOR SHEET.jpg

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The Next Generation GT

We’ll have a slight price increase March 1st to correlate to some great innovations in the NEXT GENERATION GT, so let’s get started with your GT today!

The new GT is very similar as currently advertised, but it will have a better shell, more features, and redesigned shelving and drawers! IT WILL BE the best-built, highest quality, and most-outfitted grooming trailer on the market, period! THIS IS THE TIME to get started! COME BACK for updated photos and details! We’re currently wrapping up our design for a few lucky customers, and we’ll unveil the new GT soon.

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Yup! Even the propane tank racks are ENGINEERED!

…because you want something done right.

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 9.34.30 AM.png

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Another Happy “Ex-Gryphon Trailer” Customer

“Just wanted to say thank you! I’ve only groomed two days out of it [GT Grooming Salon] and I can already tell the difference between this one and the last one [two year old Gryphon]. You have a client for life! It was definitely worth the wait!”

-Walter, Perfect Pups, OK

It is VERY EXPENSIVE to buy a cheap trailer! People have to replace poorly built trailers all the time, and GT is happy to solve their problems!

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Cheap vs. Quality

gusset.gifPeople THINK they’re saving money when they buy a cheap grooming trailer, but it certainly isn’t “cheap” when their trailer SHAKES itself apart in only two years!

We replace groomers’ “cheap” salons constantly; they don’t do their research or use common sense when shopping, and they settle for one of the “cheap” builders.


gt-grooming-trailer.jpgThis is one of m-a-n-y examples. Make sure to look at the back of the grooming trailer. Cheap trailers have large swing doors (one or two). This is cheap because they’re cookie-cutter trailers that companies turn into grooming trailers. These designs shake apart very quickly because there is no bracing that keeps the side walls from wobbling back and forth.

GT’s trailers are specifically built ONLY for mobile grooming. We even build a custom insulated hatch in the back to ensure a strong trailer frame that will last many times longer than the cheap guys’ salons!

Groom on!

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So, How Does…?

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 3.24.05 PM.png

So, how does the best grooming trailer company in the universe transport its salons? It builds a trailer specifically designed for it!!!

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Building Tubs and Cabinets for Six GT Grooming Trailers Today

No, we don’t buy pre-made stuff from hardware stores; we build all of our cabinets and tubs ourselves. ALL 16-gauge stainless steel! NOBODY in the mobile grooming industry can match our quality and design.

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GT’s History (and Conversion!) Regarding Recirculating Bathing Systems


Even though every Bathing Center in a GT mobile pet grooming trailer has been designed to easily accept recirculator bathers, we never thought recirculating pumps were a good idea. Our objection wasn’t about the concept; it was about what recirculator manufacturers provided. Until now, manufacturers priced their bathers obscenely high – at times with suggested retail prices of just under $900! The second problem is how they’ve been designed. It’s important to keep bathers clean, but until now, they’ve been too difficult to clean, which has created a “stinky” reputation for the concept.

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Bath Buddy Is Now a Standard Feature!

recirculating pet bathing system

GT’s Bath Buddy Bathing System is no installed into every GT! That’s a $490 value! The Bath Buddy is the best-designed recirculating bathing system for pet groomers.

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GT’s Lighter, Cheaper, Generator Design

pet grooming trailerGT also offers a lighter and cheaper generator package.

Of course, there is not “box” to void warranty and overheating. We fabricate the rack and coat it with eurethane to help prevent corrosion. This design is a bit cheaper than our large Honda package, so it is a little bit louder.

Just as with the Honda package, this generator charges your trailer battery, and is strong enough to operate your hair dryer and air conditioner at the same time.

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