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With hundreds of mobile pet grooming trailers on the road in three countries, we’ve perfected a tremendously sleek, easy-to-maintain money-making machine for smart businesspeople. Every design detail is deliberate, and our grooming trailers harmonize the features professional pet groomers want with the efficiency businesspeople need.

Please look around our detailed Grooming Trailer website, and feel free to contact us about anything. Please note our attention to simplicity, comfort and our ability to provide as much workspace in a business-sized trailer as possible. [More about the GT Grooming Trailer]


Pet Grooming Recirculating Bather

The GT Bath Buddy is a dog washing system designed to help pet groomers save water, save shampoo, save time, and make money! Just like a dishwasher or washing machine, the Bath Buddy uses high pressure and high volume soapy water to lift out dirt, grime, and dead hair better and faster than hand scrubbing. Then, a rinse cycle flushes the dirty water down the drain. [More about the GT Bath Buddy Bathing System]


how to build recirculator bathing system

A lot of groomers have built their own recirculating bathing systems by purchasing the popular Little Giant 505000 Pump. The problem groomers face is that it isn’t originally designed for pet grooming, and a filter of some sort is needed. People have resorted to using hair nets, socks, and all kinds of other ways to try to keep hair out of the pump. There’s a better way! Our filters are very “GT”. [More about the Bath Buddy Filter Kit]

BATH BUDDY FILTER for Upgrading Hanvey Bathing Beauty

recirculating bather for dogs

Bath Buddy filters aren’t like existing designs with multi-piece “screens” that catch all kinds of gunk at the seems and in between all three layers of different materials they’re made of (seven parts!). We designed our filters as a single sturdy piece of stainless steel with over 2,000 tiny holes. We’ve experimented a lot, and have perfected our design to allow ample water flow and still strain out hair. It’s gorgeous! [More about the Bath Buddy Filter Upgrade for Hanvey Bathing Beauty™]



We’re working on the authoritative mobile grooming book! Having built our own mobile grooming business, and after helping hundreds of other people start their own businesses, we’ve learned a lot! We’ll share with you what successful groomers have in common.

If you’d like us to notify you when The Book is available please let us know by filling out this private form.

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