Cheap vs. Quality

gusset.gifPeople THINK they’re saving money when they buy a cheap grooming trailer, but it certainly isn’t “cheap” when their trailer SHAKES itself apart in only two years!

We replace groomers’ “cheap” salons constantly; they don’t do their research or use common sense when shopping, and they settle for one of the “cheap” builders.


gt-grooming-trailer.jpgThis is one of m-a-n-y examples. Make sure to look at the back of the grooming trailer. Cheap trailers have large swing doors (one or two). This is cheap because they’re cookie-cutter trailers that companies turn into grooming trailers. These designs shake apart very quickly because there is no bracing that keeps the side walls from wobbling back and forth.

GT’s trailers are specifically built ONLY for mobile grooming. We even build a custom insulated hatch in the back to ensure a strong trailer frame that will last many times longer than the cheap guys’ salons!

Groom on!

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